Configuration Management (CMDB)

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

SMART CMDB, Maintain a Centralized Repository for Configuration Items such as, systems, software, facilities, and people as they exist at specific points in time with full visibility of infrastructure and services, leading to have more control of business environment and help to take better decisions. SMART CMDB allows you to use either predefined CI relationships or can create custom CI relationship types based business requirements.

SMART CMDBs can be used for many things, including but not limited to, business intelligence, software and hardware builds, impact analysis for incident and change managements. CMDB implementations often involve the inclusion of data into the Tables from other sources such as asset management, in such a way that the source of the data retains control of the data.


  • IT Asset Discovery - Automated hardware and software detection
  • The ability to discover, verify, record, and control all Configuration Items (CIs) through their entire life cycle
  • Tracks all important CI Technical Attributes like Processor info, hard disks & RAM capacity
  • Link CI’s to helpdesk tickets.
  • Provides a unified platform for asset and service management.
  • View Track receipts, manuals and asset documentation.
  • Link assets to owners/locations/departments
  • Create sequential code series based on CI type or category
  • CI can be assigned to any owner in their life cycle, with historical tracking of ownership