Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

SMART Asset Management Solution is designed to optimize wide range of enterprise assets, including production, technical infrastructure, transport, utility, real estate, and IT assets.

SMART Asset management software helps you to keep your plant, equipment, and facilities available, reliable, and safe. It is a powerful solution that can help you meet your environmental, compliance, and service goals, cut your inventory levels, purchasing costs, and safety violations,improve your staff’s productivity and help you to make decisions, faster.

SMART Asset management software provides insight for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control. You can manage asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, costing and tracking from a single system

SMART Asset Management Solution helps in management of financial, contractual and inventory functions to support complete asset life cycle management and strategic decision making in IT environments. With SMART Asset Discovery you can capture all elements of software and hardware that are found in the modern day IT business environments. With all the detailed hardware and software attributes information gathered, organizations can make decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

SMART Hardware Asset Management discovers and keeps track of the physical components of computers and computer networks, from acquisition through disposal. SMART Service Asset Management Life-cycle approach provides business best practices, which include request, approval process, procurement management, life cycle management, re-deployment and asset disposal management, with various configurable options. With a Financial Management of Assets in the hardware life cycle, organizations can make business decisions in a meaningful way and in line with the overall business financial objectives.


  • Provides a unified platform for Asset and service management.
  • Support preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Link assets to helpdesk tickets
  • Support categorization & classification of Asset based on the business requirement.
  • Create sequential asset code series based on asset type or category
  • Track Asset Physical location like site, floor, and room.
  • Search Asset by using Asset code, model/serial number
  • Track financial information on individual asset
  • Link and track contracts that are related to each asset
  • Assets can be assigned to any owner in their life cycle, with historical tracking of ownership

About Us

SMART Service Desk is an Enterprise level ITSM Solution developed using industry leading best practices and standards such as ITIL Framework, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, AS 9001 and NIST. SMART Service Desk has marquee customers in number of sectors such as, Government, Banking, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Electronic Retailers, Manufacturing and Educational Institutions And is currently being used by more than Half a Million Users worldwide and was primarily offered in UK, Middle East, South Africa and Australian markets with global development and support center in India.

SMART Service Desk is bringing the product line to Americas market and is now headquartered with new Development and Operations Center in Dallas, Texas along with offices in Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, India and Partner Offices in Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE.

We offer SaaS and On-Premise solutions that let you seamlessly Manage Services, Customers and Quality Improvement Programs. Available through any web browser or native mobile apps, our solutions are designed to help you shorten deployment time, reduce risks and lower costs, including support and maintenance expenses.