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SMART Service Desk

Greatly reduce service management costs with our flexible modular licensing models

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  • 4 Products
  • 28 Modules
  • 1 SMART auto learning Workflow Engine
  • =
  • next generation service automation software
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  • ...Certified by PinkVerify for 11 Key ITIL Processes
  • ...Awarded by Gartner FrontRunners two years in a row
  • ...Appraised by Capterra to be Best Functionality ITSM Software
  • But more importantly,
  • ...Celebrated by Customers and Users all over the world
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  • Why wait forever to implement the product?
  • Why force fit your business needs to a product?
  • Why perform the tasks that should be automated?
  • Why administrate the product instead of configuring it?
  • Why spend enterprise level money to get an entry level product?
  • Unless you are a big fan of “reinventing the wheel”,
  • Choose a solution that seamlessly addresses all your business needs...Out of the Box!!!
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  • World is your Office…
  • Use your Computer or Mobile Device, Your Choice…
  • Being in the Field or Being on the Beach, Your Choice…
  • Work sitting at your Desk or lounging on Recliner, Your Choice…
  • Fully functional Mobile Apps at your finger tips or tip of your stylus, Your Choice!!!
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  • Use 3rd party software?
  • Have Call Center offshore?
  • Want everything on social media or prefer not to?
  • Have different departments use different software?
  • Spent too much building your current infrastructure?
  • Fear not, SMARTMan to the rescue!!!
  • Integrate any of the current systems to work with SMART Service Desk…Seamlessly!!!
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  • 1 Company
  • 4 Products
  • 28 Modules
  • 15 Unique Solutions
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Any Industry Solution can be implemented in Days, not Months or Years…Guaranteed!!!
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  • An ITSM Solution that is developed inside out with 100% compliant ITIL framework with a SMART Auto Learning Workflow Engine at the core for Seamless Integration along with fully open APIs resulting in a Service Automation Platform like no other
  • …a truly Next Generation Service Automation
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About Us

SMART Service Desk is headquartered in Dallas, Texas along with offices in Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, India and Partner Offices in Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE.

SMART Service Desk is an Enterprise level ITSM Solution that seamlessly Manage Services, Customers and Quality Improvement Programs. It is offered as On-Premise or On-Cloud solution as well as a fully functional mobile app.

SMART Service Desk has been successfully implemented in various sectors such as, Education, Government, Health, Finance, Retail, Utilities, etc. and is currently being used by more than a Million Users worldwide.